Welcome to Fresh Perspectives Consulting Ltd.

 Our purpose is to help organisations, like yours, assess their fitness for purpose and facilitate solutions that deliver your business goals.


Something to think about…

Typically we work with clients to consider key strategic change questions such as – how can we deliver an excellent service whilst minimising costs? Or, we have made changes to improve performance but how can we sustain this going forward? Or, how can we engage our staff to deliver and keep going?

One of the ways to think about this is to consider the following:

If your organisation was...

... a person ...

... what would the doctor be saying at their annual health check up?

... a play or a restaurant ...

... what would the critics be publishing the following morning?

... a car ...

... how would it fare at its next MOT?

What would the results say? Is your organisation at the top of its game, firing on all cylinders, in rude health, a must try or must see?

At Fresh Perspectives Consulting we can help you explore and understand the answers to strategic change questions like these and critically address the so what?

What we bring?

In working with us, our clients benefit from perspective. We work quickly to get to the heart of issues and  provide meaning, relevance and order to often a complex array of facts, ideas and opinions. Our added value comes not from the latest fad in management thinking but from our experience in the issues and factors that drive and sustain organisational performance. Our independence from your organisation is the benefit we bring. We bring a fresh perspective to enable you take stock, tackle issues preventing superior performance and leverage opportunities to build on strengths.

Core values

Our values drive how we operate and work with our clients and associates. At heart we want to be remembered for adding value to the strategy of an organisation and to genuinely help in managing change in the organisations we work with. Doing a good job and doing it well is very important to us.

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