How we work

Each organisation we work with has its own distinct set of challenges and issues and our help is tailored to address these needs. Generally speaking our support will follow some or all of the following phases:


Phase 1: Build a Business Case for change

This must be driven by context of the business and not just by internal perspectives. At this stage we would assess changes in the environment and the nature of their impact on the business alongside internal assessments of organisational health. Critically our approach would involve a wider range of stakeholders to provide a holistic view of the business challenges.

Phase 2: Define outcomes

Here we work with you to define what success looks like taking the perspective of those who have most at stake. What do your customers, employees and wider community want as well as the more traditional stakeholder views? In turn what are the contributions needed from customer facing and support functions to defining and building these outcomes. What are the 2/3 critical capabilities they need to deliver to help meet these outcomes?

Phase 3: Develop redesign and agree implementation approach

At this stage we work with you to conduct a gap analysis to define the nature and size of changes needed to deliver your goals and outcomes. In addition we work with you to develop and agree an implementation approach which will deliver enduring results. This will take account of the findings from the analysis, culture, resources and skills within the organisation and required return on investment.

Phase 4: Deliver agreed business improvements

We work with you to deliver the plan. This can include project management support, coaching managers to deliver and sustain the agreed changes or design and delivery of assessment/development/recruitment activities for employees.

Phase 5: Evaluate the return on investment

This stage is an evaluation of  the extent to which benefits expected from the changes have been realised, identify further actions to keep the organsiation going forward and lessons learnt.

Our values drive how we operate and work with our clients and associates. At heart we want to be remembered for adding value and to genuinely helping the organisations we work with. Delivering results and doing this is in a way that genuinely engages our clients is very important to us.